More than 2.5 goal on PSG – Atletic match

One more time we will make a prediction for a match from Europa League and it will be for the match between PSG from France and Athletic Bilbao from Spain.

PSG changed its owners during the summer and now everybody in the club are eager to win every possible match, whether it is a match from the domestic league or from the European tournaments. The owner don’t spare a cent to buy new players and expect improvement in the class and respectively in the achieved results.

Today’s task for PSG won’t be easy as they will have to play against one of the toughest teams in Europe. The Basques are notorious for their patriotism and devotion on the pitch.

The outcome of this match will be decided mainly by the creativity of the midfield players and their overal performance.

The hosts will try with aggressive play to score an early goal and prejudice the outcome of the match long before its end. The guests will most likely rely on many players in the midline and quick counterattacks. In their matches so far, the French team scores an average of more than two goals per match, which is pretty good performance and points the offense quality of this team.

Atletic in turn are not as solid in defense as they should be and gets a goal and a half per match. This fact will most likely have an impact in their match as they will try to strengthen the defense.

By the pure statistics we can conclude that the probability of more than two goals scored by both teams in this game is huge enough and a possible victory for PSG is also likely. We should not ignore the fact that the matches in European competitions are quite different from the matches in the domestic leagues and teams which often experience great difficulties in their own championships perform pretty well in Europe or vice versa.