New betting system

Lately I was quite disappointed by my betting success or said it with other words I was disappointed by the amount of money I lost from soccer betting. I successfully predict many matches, but unfortunately one or two every time are losers which fail me. Well, I often win, but less than I wish and need.

So, I had a deep digging in Internet to look for new betting options with the main idea to create my betting system which is made according my own success and will ensure a small, but regular profit.

I searched lots of sites and read about many systems, but eventually I stopped on a system which is very simple. It needs to forget about all betting combinations and to bet only on singles. Moreover, the maximum bets per day that should be made are just two.

Sounds really simple and slow, but at least you can not lose a lot because from the two betting predictions you made per day at least one will be a winner. There will also be days when both will be winners and there will be some profit. According to this site, this is the right way to play, because when you combine matches, you combine probabilities for not being able to pick the winner. Therefore we accumulate losses.

Here is a YouTube video that shows more about the system:

Now I will try it for a month or two and hopefully it will be successful. If this happens I am going to share it here in this betting site. If this system for betting predictions is not successful, well I would start thinking about quitting of any type of gambling.