Prediction for Lazio vs Sporting

Lazio welcomes in Rome the Lions from Lisbon is a match from the final round of the group stage in Europa League. The Portuguese team already secured their qualification for the next stage of the tournament and this match is rather a chance for young players to record participation in a official match.

In the Europa League Sporting performs much more successful than in their domestic championship and this is another reason why their coach will leave resting their best players so that they can be spared for the championship matches.

Lazio players will do everything in their power to take the three points in this match and thus to secure the second position in the final ranking with which to continue in the tournament.

The Italian team haven’t made good results recently and the supporters of the team expect a victory from their team and qualification for the knockout stage of the tournament.

The draw does not seem very likely, given that guests will play with their reserve team and the hosts have no other alternative but victory.

It seems that tonight Sporting will suffer their first loss in the tournament, while Lazio will keep thier hopes for a better performance in the spring, although with finishing second in the group they will most likely face a team coming from the Champions league.

My expectations about this match are for a dynamic football, as the Italians would try to possess the ball as much as possible and will try to score an early goal or even two which would decide the match. Sporting players will try to counter and it is a prerequisite for a serious number of scoring opportunities as surely some of them will be utilized.

My betting prediction is for a solid home win with at least two goals difference and a total of four goals scored by both teams.