How to bet professionally?

In the next few lines I will try to show you some ideas and options on how to bet like pros and thus increase your profits from sports betting. Of course, this article can not cover all the aspects of pro betting, but is guaranteed it will give you a few good ideas which can improve your game.

The first and most important thing is “Sports betting is not like running sprint but is is more like a marathon”. Think of it as an investment. One of the surest options to lose a lot of money by betting is to try for a quick profit. 10% for the month of your bank is a great achievement and if you hold it long enough, you will have an excellent investment.

The second thing you must think about are the odds and bonuses, offered by the bookmakers. Since the bookies are in constant competition with each other, it gives us a chance to improve our results. How? Always look for the best possible odds. Sometimes you can find difference of two tenths, which is huge. This gives you options to achieve a profit even with lower success rate of your bets. On the other hand, regular bonuses, offered by the bookmakers are money which if you manage wisely, will help be more productive.

The modern technology is also very important aspect of betting on sporting events. The opportunities to collect and analyze data, relating to sporting events enables you to do better and qualitative betting predictions. Of course, not everyone can be a technical guru and be able to work with statistics, but with a good enough search on the Internet you would find a lot of sites that offer just that. For example offers information on the results of the last 10 matche for each of the two teams in which the coefficients are similar to those offered by the bookmakers for the incoming game. Based on this information you can evaluate how a team copes with opponents like the one in the upcoming match.

Money management is the last thing which is crucial when it comes to profits from sports betting. As already mentioned, the greed is something which could very quickly lead a player to bankruptcy. That’s why it is very important, carefully to plan and use your money. A good idea is to make a plan for all the cases of gains and losses and in no way to deviate from it. Thus you would greatly reduce the chances of making huge losses.

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Finally, the last and perhaps the most important tip, when it comes to sports betting. Whatever you do, do it for pleasure. Otherwise, it is just meaningless.

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Home win for Wolverhampton against Stoke

The “Wolves” hosts the team of Stoke City on Molineux in a match from the sixteenth round of the English Premier League.

For “Wolves” this is an excellent opportunity to strike back after the loss they suffered from Manchester United in the last round. Moreover they need the whole three points in their fight to stay in the Premier League for the next season.

Right now the team is dangerously close to the relegation zone – just two points ahead of the team holding the eighteenth place – Wigan.

In turn, Stoke is going great in the last few rounds and surprised many teams ranked above the eighth place in the current ranking. They won against the teams like Tottenham and Everton. However, the good matches and wins came after a period of a crisis when they had seen painful losses in the middle of the season.

Overall, it could be said Stoke is a team which could surprise any of the leaders, but no one should be surprised if Stoke lose against teams from the bottom of the table.

To achieve the needed victory Wolves needs goals, but right now everyone on the team rely for that on Steven Fletcher, who is team’s top shooter. So far, he has six goals in only ten games.

Everyone knows that the big goal for the team this season is staying in the league and despite modest selection the “Wolves” have good chance to achieve it. It is crucial for them to win their matches at home and even more their matches at home versus teams like Stoke.

I believe that the hosts’ desire and their motivation will outweigh the higher class of visiting team. The question is whether the Wolves will be able to achieve the victory and take all three points or will manage to get only the draw.

Well, the odds for a home win are good enough, so my bet will be for a “Wolves'” win today.

Betting prediction Roma vs Juventus

The next match which we are going to predict is the Italian derby between the teams of the Roma and Juventus.

The draw made by AC Milan in this round gives a chance to the “old lady” to increase their lead at the top, but the three points are also vital for the team from Rome.

Roma is placed on the eleventh place in the current ranking with only five wins from thirteen games, which is too far away from the goals and ambitions of the club.

Roma already suffered defeats from Fiorentina, Udinese, AC Milan and Cagliari and especially painful was the loss from their city rivals Lazio. Hardly their coach Luis Enrique imagined that it expected such a difficult season, when he was appointed in the summer. However, everyone in the team hope that after two consecutive losses the “wolves” will begin their rise in match against Juventus.

The team from Turin will start the match on Stadio Olimpico with the sole purpose to win the three points and take back the top spot of the Calcio’s standing, which right now is taken by the team of Udinese.

Antonio Conte’s players have really strong start of the season and all Juve’s fans hope the Scudetto will be one more time won by the black and white. They won all their matches with their direct competitors for the title and made a draw only against the team of Napoli in a very beautiful and dynamic match.

Alessandro Matra and Claudio Marchisio are the top scorers of the team with six goals and they will hope to add something to their account against the “wolves”.

In the hosts the top scorer is Pablo Osvaldo with five goals while Bojan Krkic has three.

My opinion about this match is that Roma could hardly beat the stronger team of Juventus and the most likely outcome of the match is a draw or even a win for the visitors with not many goals scored by both teams.

More than 2.5 goal on PSG – Atletic match

One more time we will make a prediction for a match from Europa League and it will be for the match between PSG from France and Athletic Bilbao from Spain.

PSG changed its owners during the summer and now everybody in the club are eager to win every possible match, whether it is a match from the domestic league or from the European tournaments. The owner don’t spare a cent to buy new players and expect improvement in the class and respectively in the achieved results.

Today’s task for PSG won’t be easy as they will have to play against one of the toughest teams in Europe. The Basques are notorious for their patriotism and devotion on the pitch.

The outcome of this match will be decided mainly by the creativity of the midfield players and their overal performance.

The hosts will try with aggressive play to score an early goal and prejudice the outcome of the match long before its end. The guests will most likely rely on many players in the midline and quick counterattacks. In their matches so far, the French team scores an average of more than two goals per match, which is pretty good performance and points the offense quality of this team.

Atletic in turn are not as solid in defense as they should be and gets a goal and a half per match. This fact will most likely have an impact in their match as they will try to strengthen the defense.

By the pure statistics we can conclude that the probability of more than two goals scored by both teams in this game is huge enough and a possible victory for PSG is also likely. We should not ignore the fact that the matches in European competitions are quite different from the matches in the domestic leagues and teams which often experience great difficulties in their own championships perform pretty well in Europe or vice versa.

Genoa to beat Inter at home

The teams of Inter and Genoa will play against each other in the postponed match from the Italian Serie A.

The match is crucial for both teams after the nightmare start of the season made by the visitors and the fact that a possible home win today will place Genoa on the fifth place or said it with other words in the places giving permission to play in the European tournaments.

While a possible loss for Genoa would be just a waste of points in their fight to participate in the European’s tournaments next year, a possible loss for Inter would mean a loss of any chance of a good ranking this season.

Claudio Ranieri’s team started the season with five losses and two draws in their first nine rounds. This opened a huge gap between Inter and the teams of Juventus, Milan and Udinese. We could say that in fact the title hopes were lost in the middle of the first half of the season.

Now the team from Milan will try to improve their game and return the smile on their supporters’ faces.

However, it won’t be easy. The hosts are a quite tough opponent and will do everything in their power to continue the terrible season of the “blue and black”.

The coach Alberto Malesia uses almost all of his players so far in the season. He rotates them every round which helps him using the qualities of the available players without pressures them too much.

Many of the starting eleven Inter’s players are older than thirty years, which hints that that the team needs rejuvenation and adding players who are “hungry” for success in the squad.

The newspapers in Italy already started with the questions is Claudio Ranieri the right man for Inter and whether he will be able to rebuild a competitive team to fight for the Scudetto and gain new Champions League title.

I believe this match will deepen the crisis in the giant from Milano. I think the three points will be won by the home team and such will be my bet for this match.

Betting prediction for Real Madrid vs Ponferradina

The match between Real Madrid and Ponferradina from Copa del Rey in Spain is yet another match which we will try to predict. This match can be used by both type of bettors – these who love betting on solid matches with low coefficients but relatively sure winning and those who seek for betting surprises with very high odds.

Here we have make a recall that this is the second match between the two teams. The first one ended with a victory for the royal club with two to zero. The match was played a few days after Real Madrid’s loss at Bernabeu by Barcelona.

For sure everyone in Madrid expect a new victory and Jose Mourinho and his team will try to achieve it, even though with many reserve players in the starting eleven.

Real’s reserve players in the main squad and their motivation to play in this match are the two major points on which lies the Poferadina hopes to take something from this match. Hardly, the coaching staff of the visitors have any illusions about the difference in class between the teams. However, possible lack of concentration in the white ballet players could give them chances both in attack and in defense.

Honestly I do not think this match is suitable for surprise searching, but rather can be played in combination with other games to aggregate a larger coefficient.

Another option is to bet for a heavy win for Real Madrid, lets say with more than three or even four goals, which could be good betting prediction especially when we have a look on the Real’s goal difference this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain will miss the match due a coach decision, so most likely Karim Benzema will lead the attack.

New betting system

Lately I was quite disappointed by my betting success or said it with other words I was disappointed by the amount of money I lost from soccer betting. I successfully predict many matches, but unfortunately one or two every time are losers which fail me. Well, I often win, but less than I wish and need.

So, I had a deep digging in Internet to look for new betting options with the main idea to create my betting system which is made according my own success and will ensure a small, but regular profit.

I searched lots of sites and read about many systems, but eventually I stopped on a system which is very simple. It needs to forget about all betting combinations and to bet only on singles. Moreover, the maximum bets per day that should be made are just two.

Sounds really simple and slow, but at least you can not lose a lot because from the two betting predictions you made per day at least one will be a winner. There will also be days when both will be winners and there will be some profit. According to this site, this is the right way to play, because when you combine matches, you combine probabilities for not being able to pick the winner. Therefore we accumulate losses.

Here is a YouTube video that shows more about the system:

Now I will try it for a month or two and hopefully it will be successful. If this happens I am going to share it here in this betting site. If this system for betting predictions is not successful, well I would start thinking about quitting of any type of gambling.

Prediction for Lazio vs Sporting

Lazio welcomes in Rome the Lions from Lisbon is a match from the final round of the group stage in Europa League. The Portuguese team already secured their qualification for the next stage of the tournament and this match is rather a chance for young players to record participation in a official match.

In the Europa League Sporting performs much more successful than in their domestic championship and this is another reason why their coach will leave resting their best players so that they can be spared for the championship matches.

Lazio players will do everything in their power to take the three points in this match and thus to secure the second position in the final ranking with which to continue in the tournament.

The Italian team haven’t made good results recently and the supporters of the team expect a victory from their team and qualification for the knockout stage of the tournament.

The draw does not seem very likely, given that guests will play with their reserve team and the hosts have no other alternative but victory.

It seems that tonight Sporting will suffer their first loss in the tournament, while Lazio will keep thier hopes for a better performance in the spring, although with finishing second in the group they will most likely face a team coming from the Champions league.

My expectations about this match are for a dynamic football, as the Italians would try to possess the ball as much as possible and will try to score an early goal or even two which would decide the match. Sporting players will try to counter and it is a prerequisite for a serious number of scoring opportunities as surely some of them will be utilized.

My betting prediction is for a solid home win with at least two goals difference and a total of four goals scored by both teams.

Betting prediction for Chelsea vs Manchester City

Undoubtedly this is the battle we all who love English football wait with interest.The two richest teams will fight against each other in a direct match for the title in England.

Chelsea demonstrates inconsistency this season and it is clear the new manager can’t find the best positions for his players. There are already open bets for when he will be sacked and who will be the new Chelsea manager.

In their last match from the Champions League Chelsea made a convincing victory over Valencia with three to zero and magnificent play by Didier Drogba. Could this be a sign that the team is rising? Well, I am not so sure.

City also got a win in the strongest tournament in Europe, but they disappointed as they finished on the third position in their group and couldn’t qualify for the knock-out stage.

However, Manchester City holds the top spot in the Premier League standings, while Chelsea occupies the fifth position. The final result of this match will answer whether the “Citizens” will add three more points on the way to the title or Chelsea will get closer to them.

In this match, the manager of Chelsea will have to convince everyone that his team is finally out of the crisis and can win against the strongest clubs in the Premier League. In a case of a failure the owner of Londoners could lose his patience and sack André Villas-Boas.

The host factor will also have impact over the Chelsea’s chances to win the match. Stamford Bridge is one of the most inhospitable stadiums in the league since the team was bought by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

This is why I predict victory for Chelsea, which will bring them closer to the leaders and will place them on the third place in the standing.

Didier Drogba is again expected to be the key figure for Chelsea and to score at least once.

Betting prediction for Arsenal against Everton

Arsenal and Everton will play together in one of the derby matches in this round of English Premier League.

After the poor start of the season Arsenal finally began to find the need form in the last few matches. Arsene Wenger’s players were more than convincing in the last round of Premier League with a huge win over Wigan away from home.

In the last seven matches the Gunners have won six and made a draw, which is indicative for their boom. The man who stood behind the success is with no doubt Robin van Persie. He had scored 14 goals in 14 matches and he is the true leader of the team.

Andrei Arshavin, Gervinho and Mikael Arteta are also in good form and it should be noted that for the Spaniard this match will be it’s first against his former team.

Arsenal is just two points away from the fourth place hold by Chelsea and five from Tottenham, but close to them are also Newcastle and Liverpool.

Everton is on the tenth place, but they are much closer to the relegation zone than to the places giving participation in the European tournaments. It seems the main goal for the team would be to finish in the middle of the standings which is not what they wanted in the beginning of the championship.

It should be noted that Everton hasn’t won so far a single point from the matches against the top teams in the Premier League. This is not a huge surprise, given their modest budget in the last few years.

In the last match of the group stage of Champions League Arsenal lost from Olympiakos away, but the Gunners played with too many reserve players as the had already qualified for the next stage.

Given the form of both teams we can hardly expect anything other than a win for Arsenal in this match and this is what I am going to bet on.